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Honors and AP Courses

Honors and Advanced Placement® Courses
Starting with the class of 2010, Louisville High School adopted a weighted grading system. However, students will no longer be ranked as of the Class of 2015. An "A" in an Advanced Placement®or CC+ course will be worth 5 points. An "A" in a regular course will be worth 4 points. An "A" in an honors class will carry a point value of 4.5. A grade of "C" will be valued at 2 points, no matter what type of course is offered. The same is true for a grade of a "D".

Both the 4.0 point GPA scale and the weighted GPA scale will appear on the grade card and transcript. If you have questions about advanced placement courses, please visit the College Board®


Advanced Placement® (AP®) /College Credit + (CC+)
Opportunities for College Credit

AP® Studio Art
AP® Calculus
​AP® English Lang. 
​AP® English Lit.​AP® European History
​AP® Psychology 
AP® ​ Government

CC+ Astronomy 
CC+ Computer Applications
CC+ English Comp. 1 & 2 ​
CC+ Pre-Calculus ​
CC+ Sociology
CC+ Statistics ​
​CC+ 7 Ideas That Shook The Universe



Honors Classes

Advanced Math/Trig 
Algebra II
American History Anatomy/Physiology 


Chemistry II
English I
​English II​
French IV
​Organic Chemistry


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