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College Credit Plus

Last Updated: 7/30/2019 2:48 AM

Last school year, more than 32,000 students got a jump start on college and reducing their costs toward college degrees by participating in the College Credit Plus program, which is available free of cost to you wherever you live in Ohio. 

Ohio’s College Credit Plus program offers students in grades 7-12 the chance to earn college credit from any Ohio public college or participating private college while earning high school credit for each college course if the student qualifies academically. All associated costs are free to qualified students seeking credit from public colleges. learn more

This new dual-enrollment program replaces Ohio's Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO) and is an opportunity for students to earn college credit while still in high school.

CC+ Updates 4/27/2020

CC+ Testing for Fall 2020

Keep checking with your college of interest for updates. Each college has the opportunity to use institutional standards for admission decisions and placement into courses. Some colleges are accepting a 3.0 GPA for acceptance into certain classes. Others will be phasing in some type of placement testing over the summer. Call the college if you don’t find the information you need on their website. This is a fluid situation. 

Important things to remember from our January CC+ Meeting:

- Take a college course load where you can maintain a B average or higher. This will lead to more opportunities and scholarship money in the future. 

- If you fail a CC+ course, the cost of tuition and books will be your responsibility and added to your course fees. The (F) grade will also appear on your college and high school transcript. 

- It is imperative that you speak with your high school counselor to review your transcript and discuss successful college course options. 


CC+ STARK STATE & KENT STARK Courses in Our Building Next Fall

If you are wanting to take any of our Stark State and/or Kent Stark CC+ courses in our building next school year, complete your checklist and email to your school counselor. If you have a cumulative 3.0 GPA and no test score, you can submit your paperwork to your school counselor. We will send your transcript to the college. FOLLOW THE CHECKLISTS for each individual college and include proof of your admittance. All of the information you need is on the checklist. The ultimate decision on your acceptance lies with the college. If you submit your paperwork, you will secure your seat in the class. Once the college gives us the go ahead that you are eligible for the class, you are in. This may not happen until August. 


Remember our CC+ classes are filled on a first come-first scheduled basis, just like on a college campus. Get your paperwork submitted ASAP to secure your seat for 20-21. Email your school counselor with any questions. 


CC+ Courses on a College Campus or Online 

If you are wanting to take CC+ classes on a college campus next year or online, the first thing to do is explore the individual college’s “College Credit Plus Admissions” page. Look for updates and changes due to the Coronavirus. 

Apply to the college through their “College Credit Plus Application.” 

*(DO NOT use your high school email address when you apply.)

Email Mrs. Lutz (Guidance Secretary) at to have your transcript emailed to the college. Do this AFTER you complete the application. 

If you are a junior, your ACT score from February has not been added to your transcript yet. Go on the website and send your eligible scores directly to the college.

Email your school counselor with questions about the college classes you are interested in taking. 

Check your non-high school email often for communication from the college and how to schedule for orientation and Fall 2020 classes.


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