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Academic Letter

Last Updated: 6/1/2020 5:17 PM

‚ÄčLouisville High School has implemented a recognition program known as the academic letter.  This program is to recognize students for their exceptional grades, attendance, community service, and good role model for the school.  Here is how it works:

  1. Students receive a form at the beginning of each 9 weeks period. 
  2. Students must complete 10 hours of community service every 9 weeks along with having a 3.5-grade point average, no discipline referrals, and no more than 3 excused absences (no unexcused absences).
  3. Students give their completed community service hours to their assistant principal who will check their discipline history, attendance, grades, and verify their community service.
  4. This process is duplicated for each of the first 3 nine-week periods. 
  5. If students complete all of the requirements, they are awarded an academic letter similar to what an athlete would receive for earning a varsity letter.
  6. Each year after that, repeat winners will receive a ‘knowledge’ lamp pin to put on their academic letter.

It is the hope of Louisville High School to encourage all students to give back to their community while earning good grades, learning the importance of attendance, and the meaning of being a good role model for all students.